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Since 1990, AFC Industries Pty Ltd has become nationally recognised as the leading supplier of AFOAM™️ Closed Cell Foams, VTACK™️ Adhesive, Foil and Foam Tapes. AFC Industries not only supply but also convert a wide range of products deriving from various materials like foams, rubber, plastics, foils, films, tapes, and more. AFC Industries have been servicing, supporting and working together with customers in various industries such as Automotive, Insulation, Building, Construction, Packaging, Medical, General Manufacturing and many other specialty industries.

AFC Industries recognises that excellent quality and service is the key to total customer satisfaction. Our continued drive and commitment towards productivity improvement has enabled us to be more efficient within our manufacturing structure, therefore helping our customers to maintain a competitive edge in their markets. Please feel free to contact our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff, who are always willing to listen and help you achieve a quality finished product.


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