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PE Foam

PE foam is a PREMIUM quality closed cell foam made from Polyethylene and blended copolymers. It has a high level of very consistent chemical cross linking, which results is smooth fine-cell structure that is suitable in a wide variety of situations. Benefits of Polyethylene Foam include; Impact and vibration absorption. Its closed cell structure makes it resistant to water, chemicals, solvents & grease, and in addition it is impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria.

Find out more information about our different PE grades below:

- AFCP30: AFOAM™️ PE Foam 30kg/m3 density

- AFCP45: AFOAM™️ PE Foam 45kg/m3 density

- AFCP75: AFOAM™️ PE Foam 75kg/m3 density

- AFCP120: AFOAM™️ PE Foam 120kg/m3 density

EVA foam.JPG

EVA Foam

EVA is a PREMIUM lightweight closed cell thermoplastic foam, water proof, odourless, mold impervious, with good UV and chemical resistance. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is also recommended for applications where repeated compression and recovery is required.

Find out more information about our different EVA grades below:

- AFCE30: AFOAM™️ EVA Foam 30kg/m3 density

- AFCE45: AFOAM™️ EVA Foam 45kg/m3 density

- AFCE75: AFOAM™️ EVA Foam 75kg/m3 density

- AFCE120: AFOAM™️ EVA Foam 120kg/m3 density

- AFCE230: AFOAM™️ EVA Foam 230kg/m3 density



EPDM foam is a closed cell sponge, airtight, waterproof and has a highly consistent cell structure with no voids. Excellent durability and resistance to UV, ageing, oil, solvent and many other chemicals. A superior performing material for over a wide range of environments and those demanding applications, specially ideally suited to stringent automotive tolerances and construction applications.

Find out more information about our different EPDM grades below:

- AFC2102: AFOAM™️ EPDM Foam 45kg/m3 density



Our new generation AFCR160 Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Foam series, is airtight and waterproof, with improved temperature resistance and recovery rate under higher temperatures and commonly used for high-performance long-term applications.


It is self-extinguishing with excellent resistance to aging, alkalis, acids, oil, solvent and many other chemicals. Highly consistent cell structure and thickness with no voids or inclusions. Ideally suited to stringent automotive tolerances.

- AFCR160: AFOAM™️ Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Foam


PVC Nitrile

AFC702 closed cell PVC Nitrile Foam is super lightweight, impact absorbing, great thermal/acoustic insulator, excellent resistance to UV, water, oil, grease and many chemicals.

Designed to create an effective seal for many stringent applications such as sealing electrical enclosure cabinets, gaskets and seals for automotive applications. It inhibits strong resistance to weathering, abrasion and petrochemicals and along with its excellent fire performance and compliance to UL94 HF-1, is ideal for those tough internal and external sealing applications.

- AFC702: AFOAM™️ Closed Cell PVC Nitrile Foam



AFC33 is an eco-friendly IXPE physically cross-linked flexible polyethylene closed cell foam with excellent resilience and toughness. Manufactured with a unique crosslinking process, it is lightweight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong and very tough. It has low water absorption, good resilience to moisture, good chemical resistance, good UV properties, good heat insulation and well resistant to aging and high temperature. The material is non-irritant, odorless and further with its vapour resistance, it will not support mold or bacterial growth. Ideally suited to stringent automotive and construction tolerances and many demanding applications in different environments.

- AFC33: AFOAM™️ IXPE Foam

PU Open Cell Foam.JPG

PU Open Cell Foam

AFCS3060 is a Latex Free flexible polyester polyurethane foam designed for general purpose industrial applications. It can be die cut to complex shapes with or without adhesive. It has high physical properties and good resistance to oil and petrol. Its applications include automotive and general-purpose gaskets, paint rollers, sound attenuation, industrial washers, and container wads. The material is free from proteins of naturally-occurring rubber, which can cause allergies.

- AFCS3060: AFOAM™️ Polyurethane Foam

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